Fellowes PowerShred 99Ci Cross-Cut Shredder Review

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Doing away with sensitive and unwanted paperwork and other documents does not get easier than the Fellowes PowerShred 99Ci Cross-Cut Shredder. This is a revolutionary shredder that provides the best features to ensure that there is no paper trail left that could be incriminating or cause a security breach, at home or in the office. It is also one of the safest to use with safety and security features that are unparalleled.

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Fellowes PowerShred 99Ci Cross-Cut Shredder Features

One of the features that set the Fellowes PowerShred 99Ci apart is the anti-paper jam system. This works in an amazing way such that the machine has a sensor that measures the thickness of each paper stack fed into it. There are lights to guide you so you know if the thickness of the stack is within limits. A red light signifies an impending paper jam and the machine stops so you can reduce the number of sheets of paper and proceed with the shredding safely. A green light indicates an acceptable sheet thickness.

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In addition to this, the Fellowes PowerShred 99Ci Shredder is the safest shredder around; there is no danger of hurting yourself as you use it. There are sensors that stop the machine immediately your hands touch the paper opening. This is very helpful because chances are that you may touch the opening accidentally while shredding and with this shredder you can be sure that your hands are safe. You will appreciate that this Fellowes shredder does all this in the most silent manner. You can shred any time of day and night without the risk of disturbing other occupants in your home or office.

The Fellowes 99Ci Cross-Cut Shredder is compact and has solid steel cutters and a powerful motor that ensures your credit cards, CDs, staples and any other material you put in it is shredded to small unreadable pieces. Disposal of the mess is hassle free thanks to the pull-out bin incorporated in the design.

Fellowes PowerShred 99Ci Shredder Review

There are 1638 Fellowes PowerShred 99Ci Cross-Cut Shredder customer reviews on amazon.com, 1144 of which are 5-star rating and the average rating stands at 4.5 star. This just goes to show how well this machine works. One customer is of the opinion that the safe sense technology should be available on all shredders. The resounding positive review is that it is the safest shredder to use and it is very user-friendly. The size of the bin is another positive feature and so is the fact that it works very quietly. Click here to read these reviews.

When it comes to safety and reliability, the Fellowes 99Ci is the shredder of choice. It outperforms itself and can be used to shred a variety of items quietly, quickly and safely.

The Fellowes PowerShred 99Ci Cross-Cut Shredder is definitely worth every cent. In addition to its superior performance it has a compact and stylish design that complements your office or home décor. It also works quietly and efficiently all the time. It can be termed as the smart shredder too due to its 100 percent jam proof feature. Click here to save $369 on the Fellowes 99Ci shredder for a limited time only!


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