SimplyShred SG-M10CD Micro Cut Paper Shredder Review

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The SimplyShred SG-M10CD micro cut paper shredder is one of the most powerful 10 sheet micro-cut shredders, which support high quality multi-purpose shredding. The shredder also features a security level 4 cut size measuring 0.08” x .59”.

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SimplyShred SG-M10CD Paper Shredder Features

The SimplyShred shredder also features an intelligent Auto Reverse feature, which prevents paper jams making it perfect for novices or experienced users. The Auto Reverse feature allows individuals to work without disruptions arising from paper jams. The device also accepts a wide range of materials including CD/DVD, paper and Credit Cards making it perfect for most businesses and home use.

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The SimplyShred SG-M10CD micro cut shredder is an ideal tool for very busy environments. This is because the device supports high performance and functionality. The medium duty mortar shreds in an exceptional rate of 7 feet per minute with an ideal 8 minutes run time. The shredding machine is fitted with a large paper entry point of 9 inch, which accepts legal size documents and letters. The machine is also perfect for use in different environments due to its quiet mortar, which reduces shredding and grinding noise. The shredders come in a 1 year warranty inclusive to its components.

The SimplyShred SG-M10CD micro cut paper shredder is increasingly becoming popular with several features being its highlight. The most prevalent feature is the safe touch technology, which prevents the shredder from running accidentally. Other highlights of the shredder include one year warranty on its components, shreds credit card, CDs and papers. The shredder also features a 4.5 Gallon Bin Capacity, durable cross cut blades made of steel and a 55dB ultra Quit motor. Other shredding machine highlights include a pull-out wastebasket for easy waste disposal, auto reverse technology on paper jams and 8 minute run time.

The SimplyShred micro cut paper shredder is also equipped with a safe touch, overheat and power light indicators. The shredder further comes with fitted casters for easy mobility and a paper micro cut size of 2mm x 15 mm. the device is efficiently designed to consume 110V and generate a shredding speed of 7 fps equivalent to 60 sheets per minute.

SimplyShred SG-M10CD Review

The SimplyShred SG-M10CD micro cut paper shredder has enjoyed favorable opinions on reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon. Some of the features that users enjoy very much include the quiet motor, which allows users to work comfortably without the annoying noise. The other feature that pleases most customers is the size of the paper shreds, which is very tiny as compared with other previous paper shredders. Others prefer the shredder due to its stronger and quiet feature, which allow users to shred large number of papers. Others rate it highly due to its high quality and low price cost. Click here to read more reviews.

Despite the positive remarks, some users claims the SimplyShred SG-M10CD micro cut paper shredder heats very fast and requires several hours to cool down. However, some users reputed the claims stating their shredders do not heat up.

Based on the SimplyShred SG-M10CD micro cut paper shredder analyses, the shredder is perfect for all users despite their needs. It is the best shredder in the market. Click here to SAVE $150 for a limited time only!

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