SimplyShred SG-830C Micro-cut Shredder Review

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It is now easy to get rid of sensitive paperwork in a discreet and acceptable manner using the SimplyShred SG-830C Micro-cut Shredder. This is the ultimate product in this range and some of the qualities that set it apart are the ease of use coupled with the price which is truly a bargain.

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SimplyShred SG-830C Micro-cut Shredder Features

First and foremost, the SimplyShred SG-830 shredder lives up to its name, Micro-cut; it cuts paper into the thinnest shreds ever, 2x10mm. This offers the ultimate in security. It does this while taking up to a maximum of 15 sheets of paper. So in addition you get rid of unwanted paperwork securely and fast too. As if that is not enough it also shreds, CDs and DVDs as well as credit cards and staples do not stop this machine from working.

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The SimplyShred SG-830C micro-cut shredder is a hard worker, it can do between 50 and 100 shreds in a day. It also features an automatic stop on jamming and displays the problem on the LCD. With all it can do, the SG-830 still remains the quietest shredder you will ever find. The motor is quiet and so it dampens the shredding and grinding noises.

The SimplyShred Micro-Cut Shredder has a 9-gallon pull out waste basket that is larger than in most other shredders in the market. This feature coupled with the fact that it does a micro shredding job means that you do not have to empty it as frequently, kind of cuts on maintenance in a way, does it not? The cutters are made of steel and are quite durable too. They are covered by a 3-year warranty by the manufacturer. All the other parts are covered by a 1-year warranty. This shows just the level of confidence the manufacturer has on this product.

SimplyShred SG-830C Shredder Review

The SimplyShred SG-830C Micro-cut Shredder has 50 reviews on with 41 of these giving a 5-star rating, the other 9 are 4 and 3-star. The average rating is of course 5-star and this is just how much the customers love the shredder. One customer appreciates the quietness and calls it a shredder for sensitive ears. It is so easy to use and no customer has had issues with the mode of operation. Another customer is excited by the fact that this is the first shredder that does exactly what it says it does. Customer satisfaction is quite high with this revolutionary shredder. Click here to read more reviews.

Basically, when a product is so easy to use and does such a wonderful job, it is hard to find any complaints, however trivial, from customers. This is why there are only accolades for the SimplyShred SG-830C shredder.

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