Fellowes Powershred PS-67Cs Confetti Cut Shredder Review

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It is easy to get rid of security sensitive paperwork with the Fellowes Powershred PS-67Cs Confetti Cut Shredder. This is a great machine that not only works efficiently, it is quiet too. It shreds fast and in no time your confidential pile of papers is taken care of cleanly and quietly. This is more than you could as for in a shredder, but this machine does not disappoint and produces the expected results in no time.

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Fellowes Powershred PS-67Cs Shredder Features

One great feature that you can always count on from this Fellowes shredder is the speed and efficiency. It can shred up to 8 sheets of paper per feed and up to 85 sheets of paper per minute. This is pretty fast for a confetti shredder of this caliber and the greatest thing about this feature is that it does all this quietly too. Most shredders have a motor that makes quite a ding while in operation but this quiet model makes it a pleasure to engage in shredding.

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It is very easy to use the Fellowes Powershred PS-67Cs paper shredder and all the features have a safety control that extends the life of your product. There is an auto start and stop facility that ensures you get started within an instant. It gets rid of warm up time that may be needed with other such devices. Another feature is the automatic paper sensor that can detect the number of sheets being fed and will not take an excess of 8 sheets. This is to prevent a paper jam and thereby extending the life of your machine.

The 6-gallon waste basket can be seen through a glass window and it is easy to tell when it is full and needs emptying. This is just for efficiency and safe use of the shredder. There is no danger of having an accident when using the Fellowes Powershred PS-67Cs paper shredder because when your fingers get too close to the slot, the machine stops the blades.

Fellowes Powershred PS-67Cs Review

These are just some of the features that have resulted in 87 customer reviews on amazon.com about the Fellowes Powershred PS-67Cs confetti cut shredder. 45 of these reviews are 5-star rating which shows the level of customer satisfaction experienced with this product. The average rating is 4-star and most customers love the fact that this super shredder is so affordable and best of all it delivers what it promises. Another feature that receives accolades is the quietness of this model. This is especially from customers who have had other models that have made so much noise while in operation. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

The few customers who are not satisfied have issues with the machine that pertain to safe and correct use and with just following of the manufacturers instructions, the problem would be sorted. It is also advisable to contact the customer service in case of any query with the Fellowes Powershred paper shredder.

You will save both time and money in so many ways when you use the Fellowes Powershred PS-67Cs Confetti Cut Shredder. It is hassle free to use and works quietly too. It is the best home office shredder in the market. Click here to save $128.09 for a limited time only!

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