Fellowes Powershred DS-1 Cross-Cut Shredder Review

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For the ultimate in security get a Fellowes Powershred DS-1 Cross-Cut Shredder. It is the best of its kind and offers unsurpassed security in getting rid of sensitive papers. The design is attractive and compact and it does not need much space to set up. It is easy to use and has safety features that prevent you from getting hurt as you shred paper.

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Fellowes Powershred DS-1 Cross-Cut Shredder Features

The Powershred DS-1 shredder is wonderfully priced and is worth every cent in its great features. For starters it is good to know that you are safe when shredding and when your hands touch the shedder’s surface, it goes off automatically so that you do not shred your fingers in the process. It can take up to 11 sheets of paper and is strong enough to shred credit cards, clips and staples. This is just how hardy this beautiful machine is. It is not all looks, but it also packs quite a punch.

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The Fellowes DS-1 Cross-Cut Shredder is ideal for single user and shreds in four different ways. There is the strip cut that can be used for papers that are not of a confidential nature. A letter size paper is cut into 39 strips in this method. Then there is the cross cut that is ideal for sensitive applications such as for credit and insurance and includes junk mail. It shreds a letter size paper into 399 particles. The there is the micro cut that is for personal records such as medical and financial records and shreds a letter size paper into 3,000 particles. The final and most secure is the high security that as the name suggests is for top secret documents and shreds a letter size paper into 13,000 particles.

You only need to empty the waste basket when it is full and it easily disengages from the shredder and activates a magnetic lock that prohibits the shredder from working when the bin is disengaged.

Fellowes Powershred DS-1 Shredder Review

The Fellowes Powershred DS-1 cross-cut shredder has 208 customer reviews on amazon.com. 109 of these are 5-star rating and the average rating is 4-star. The machine is user friendly and this receives accolades from many of the customers. The safety features are also a great selling point for this shredder. The workmanship is what a reviewer loves and the fact that the blades are durable too. The small businesses that had light shredding work find this shredder a beauty as it can shred everything including business card. Click here to read more reviews.

Some customers had to have a replacement done on their shredder since they did not realize that this is a light duty shredder for single user and should be given a few minutes to cool off after running for more than 5 minutes non-stop.

This Fellowes Powershred DS-1 Cross-Cut Shredder is the best shredder for a small business or at home for light shredding work. It works exceptionally well and provides security for sensitive documents. With the security features it has, it is definitely well priced. It also easily enhances the décor in your home or office in the stylish design. Click here to SAVE $141.95 on the Fellowes DS-1 cross-cut shredder for a limited time only!

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